Film Love {My Recent Kodak Moments}

Since I have started using film for most of my personal photography (not sure if I can make that jump for my professional photography, but that’s another story all together!), I have fallen in love with it. Using film gives me all I dream of with photography. It captures REAL. Not Photoshopped or even “tweaked”. It is as it is. It also pushes me as a photographer to get it right. I have one click of the shutter. Not burst mode. Not sitting in front of the computer editing until my eyes are bleary. I get to photograph what I love until I finish the roll, then oh-so-patiently wait for the film to come back from the lab. Its like waiting for Christmas morning. And I am just that giddy when the negatives arrive in the mail (and when the email from the lab arrives with the link to the scans).

With yesterday’s news of Kodak selling their film division, I feel like I should shout to the world how much I have fallen in love with film (again). So, here’s my shout to the world, the only way I know how, through blogging and photography.

My most recent Kodak Moments.

(For the other photography nerds out there, here’s the details. Shot on Pentax K1000 using Kodak Portra 400 and Kodak Ektar 100. Most film developed and scanned by Old School Photo Lab. One roll developed by E-six Lab of Atlanta.)

Kayaking (with camera in tow, of course). Love.

One of the few people who will get up with me at 4:45am to kayak out and watch the sunrise. She also saves my sanity while she spends the summers with us!

On the lake at sunset. Sunrise or sunset on the lake is my favorite place to be.


Kayaking. Fog. Sunrise. Film. Love.

He who humors me and stops in his tracks when he realizes the camera is pointed at him. He knows how much photography saves my sanity. Thank goodness.

Typical first day of school photo. Some are excited. One not so much.

First day of school. Last day with Audrey.

Sewanee, TN

“Batman” Building. Nashville, TN

Storm clouds, rain and sunshine. All at once.

I love sunflare. The Ryman. Nashville, TN.

12 Hours Outside a Beer Tent {Bonnaroo Time Lapse}

Click on picture to play time lapse.

Most of all, enjoy!

Bonnaroo 2012 {35mm FILM ONLY!!}

There’s nothing like a personal challenge. Last weekend I challenged myself to use only my Pentax 35mm film camera and instagram (via my Droid) during Bonnaroo. Usually I use black and white film so I can develop it myself in the darkroom, but this time I used color film instead. And REALLY over the expiration date color film at that. (Over time when people have discovered that I shoot film, they give me rolls that have inevitably been in the back of a drawer for years.) I figured with Bonnaroo what it is, what better time to pull out film that may have wacky color tints or lots of added grain!

Just a word of warning…I couldn’t get enough of the Ferris Wheel. Every time I passed (or could see it in the distance), it SCREAMED at me to stop and take a picture. And I don’t ignore those screams very often. So, just humor me and don’t complain about the 8 pictures of the same object. I just couldn’t help myself!

I love sun flare. Combine that with the Ferris Wheel, blue skies and film and I’m a happy girl.

We were blessed with beautiful skies and lots of sunshine with the daily high’s in the 80′s. I’ve never seen Bonnaroo weather so good!!

The object of this game: one contestant to out yell the other. The guys working had no idea what they were up against when my sister stepped into the booth. They soon figured it out. And so did her opponent (sorry Melanie!).

The Cuckoo Clock. The humorous part about this is we were asked NUMEROUS times what time it was (my husband had a watch on). He would look at his watch and tell them the time. I would just look up at the clock towering above us and say nothing. He’s much nicer than I am, I guess. And no one ever understood that the Cuckoo Clock would let them know what time it was. Maybe if it was digital?? Ha

More Ferris Wheel. The colors. And height. And blue sky. I just couldn’t quit.

A glaring sun, low in the sky just makes me smile.

And by looking at the black line on the edge of several of the pictures, apparently my film advancing had issues. I’ll just call it character.

It’s a dance party! One of my favorite things about Bonnaroo is the atmosphere. How great is it that a group of people who don’t know each other feel the need to all break out into a dance. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if that happened more often? I think so.

With dehydration and sunburns a problem in past years, areas with shade were aplenty this year. I love the creativity that went into this. Not only is it interesting to look at, but there were clever signs all around like “Sun Burns. Shade Doesn’t.”.

One of the landmarks of Bonnaroo each year is the wall that surrounds the Centeroo and What stage area. It’s an area where those that are artistically inclined with spray paint (or a paint brush) can show off their talents. This section encouraged people to list items that are on their bucket list.

I don’t know THAT guy, but I appreciate him standing there as we passed. Made the sign even better.

The arch. One of the few permanent structures that remain on the farm all year. And yes, this picture was taken in 2012, not 1970-something like it looks (B’roo is just 11 years old!). The character this has is the reason I didn’t mind using VERY expired film.

While I’m not a big Alice Cooper fan, I felt like since he was there we should at least go see him in concert. We got there just in time to hear “Schools Out” so we timed it perfect!

A small challenge I had for myself (within my bigger challenge of no dSLR camera), was to capture the lights of the Ferris Wheel at night with both a short exposure (above) and long exposure-with the wheel moving-(below).  I was very excited when I saw the negative of the picture below.

Pictures of people taking pictures…(for all of you Jack Johnson fans, feel free to sing along with me…). This was during Kenny Rogers singing “Islands in the Stream”. He was another music legend we couldn’t not go see in concert while he was there. And we got a bonus when Lionel Richie came out to sing their duet “Lady”.

Ahhhh…the people of Bonnaroo. They are characters indeed. She was in her own world with her Hula Hoops. This was the only character I captured with 35mm, but I did capture several more on my phone. I’m thinking those could be a whole blog post.

I’m feeling like my no dSLR, 35mm film and camera phone only challenge was a success. As was Bonnaroo 2012. And as always, I’m already looking forward to next year!

Now to work on my next project. A time lapse of our beer tent from Friday and Saturday night! Stay tuned for that!!

Spring Flowers

So often I see something that I want to take a photo of, grab the camera, take the photo, then load it to the computer…only to have other photos that are a priority and pictures that are forgotten. With the “new” of spring, I was determined not to do that! I love spring. I love the color. I love the fresh air. It inspires me to grab the camera and capture what I see.

Here’s a view from my lens as spring is coming to life in Tennessee!


Crafty Easter Decor

Pinterest inspired  me to put together spring decor for our mantle. I gathered things I already had around the house and grouped it together. I used lots of Easter candy (jelly beans, malted milk balls, Cadbury mini eggs, Peeps, Rainblo eggs and Caramel filled Cadbury eggs).

The “Spring” picture is one that I put together. My fabulous sister-in-law and I do Letter Photography. We love finding letters in ordinary, everyday objects! I sell these prints as well as individual letters on my photography website Life LENS Love. (While all the letters are loaded online, I am in the process of loading the prints, so check back in a few days and I should have them all loaded!)

The subway art is a free download from the incredibly talented ladies at eighteen25. They have others that are birthday, etc. I recommend jumping over there and taking a look at the great things at their site if you haven’t already.

I painted 2 glass candle stick holders that I had. (I bought them years ago at the dollar store.) I used a foam brush to paint them, but I think spray painting them would have been much easier! I also painted the lids to the pickle jars that I had saved. Once the paint was dry, I hot glued the jars to the candle stick holder. I then filled one with jelly beans and one with some Easter grass, a few jelly beans and a chocolate bunny. It took my kids a few days (and my nephew-the REAL chocolate lover-a few days more!) to quit asking to eat the chocolate bunny.

As simple as these are, I’m excited to fill them for other seasons! I’m also saving more jars to glue to more candle stick holders to add to the collection. I don’t think I will paint them black, though. Anyone have any color suggestions?

This is my favorite! It is so “springy” (no,  not bouncy…you know “Eastery”). Cadbury Mini Eggs, Peep Bunnies and plastic eggs. That’s it!

I enjoyed putting all of this together and we all enjoy it on the mantle. I hope it will inspire you to find things you already have and decorate for the season!

Deck Time Lapse

Deck Building Time Lapse

Click on the link to see the initial time lapse of the deck building process. I’ve put a request out to my Facebook friends to help decide the song. Once that is decided, I’ll load the final version with a song.

Clouds Time Lapse

Here’s my 2nd attempt at time lapse. This series is the clouds in the storms we had last week in Tennessee. With threats of tornadoes all around us, the clouds were amazing to look at. The first time we watched this series of pictures as a time lapse, we realized the clouds were more mesmerizing than we initially thought. As you watch, keep an eye on the clouds as they get to the left side of the screen. The top of the clouds seem to “boil” (as my kids worded it).

I was at a loss at which music to put with it, so I called upon my facebook friends to help out. This was not one of their suggestions, but I stumbled upon this one while looking up one they mentioned.

(Just to note: There are some “rough” parts at the beginning, due to the camera trying to auto focus. Thankfully, I realized the problem not too far into the series and fixed it. All part of the learning process!)


March Clouds Time Lapse

Flower Time Lapse

Time lapse photography has always caught my eye and made me look twice. Last summer when I had Gerber Daisy’s blooming, I always noticed that they would, in one day, go from a bud to a flower. That made me think about capturing the progress through time lapse. Then fall came and there were no more flowers. Well, thank goodness for an usually warm winter! In February we already have flowers in bloom. And there isn’t much better than flowers in bloom to wash away the cloudy winter blahs!

I was so excited when this worked that I think I am addicted! While this first attempt is pretty rough (yes, I learned I need to place the camera  better so the flower stays in the frame!), I’ve got all kinds of ideas bouncing around in my head for time lapse projects. Now if I can make the time to get them accomplished! (I have a feeling that is going to be the main issue!) But, for now, enjoy my first time lapse experiment…

To see the time lapse in action, click on the picture below or this link, Time Lapse.

Film?! Darkroom!? What?!?

Given my love for photography, I’ve always dreamed of having a darkroom to develop pictures. The idea of taking a picture with a camera, developing the film and printing the picture just intrigues me! Much to my delight last spring, I was offered all of the “stuff” I would need to get a darkroom up and running by a friend. She had been given the equipment, but she didn’t have a place to set it all up. For my birthday, I asked my family to help me turn a corner of the basement into a darkroom. While I have no problem using a hammer, I had no idea where to begin to run water lines. Thank goodness my husband knows a thing or two about construction! He built me a worktable, a “sink” (which technically is water tight, but not like a kitchen/bath sink), constructed walls, ran hot and cold water lines, etc. Last fall, I got the last pinhole of light caulked (which is another story all together-using caulk, in the dark, to cover a hole-usually one that was almost out of my reach- the size of a pencil lead isn’t a mess free process). All of this finished just in time for busy season in photography and the holidays. Once things calmed down in January, I was VERY excited to get in the darkroom and learn! And it has been just that, a learning process. I still know so very little, but every time I get a set of negatives developed or a print turns out (even half way!) decent, I am eager to learn that much more!

I’m excited to share my journey with hopes that maybe it will inspire someone to pick up a camera (digital or film) and use it. To see the world through a lens gives such a new perspective!

As a side note-here’s a funny from my kids:

When my kids and I first talked about a darkroom, they were amazed that I am actually SO old that I used film cameras (I was actually impressed by this. Usually they say I am REALLY old.) Imagine their dismay when I pulled out negatives that had their picture on it. Tommy said, “Momma, who is that baby? Is that you?”. I quickly pointed out I was holding the baby, so the baby was him! The girls got a real big laugh out of it…until I found negatives with their picture!

Bonnaroooooo 2011

All the Bonnaroo excitement with this year’s lineup being announced, made me to realize that once again this year I had not gone through (let alone blogged!) last year’s photos. From Amos Lee (who I love enough that we watched both of his performances) to the people of Bonnaroo (which are entertainment alone!). And of course, there’s the usuals, like the ferris wheel, post office and mushroom fountain…here’s Bonnaroo through my lens…


We’ll start with a little Amos Lee. First on the Sonic Stage, then on Which stage.

The sign language interpreters were fascinating to watch.

Music, sunshine, and people as far as the eye can see.

And for the Saturday night entertainment, Eminem.

If you have a postcard to mail…

Sometimes, the bands are just as entertaining to watch as the people…

Another ‘Roo sunset.

June can’t get here fast enough for 2012 ‘Roo sunsets, bands and good times!

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